Icewind Dale Patch

=========================================================================== VERSION 1.01 BETA (v.1.3.053018)

NOTE: This patch is considered BETA and has not received a complete Quality Assurance test cycle. We do believe it will help out with several bugs that existed in the release version. An official patch will be released shortly. We do not believe that it will create new problems, nor will it conflict with the final patched version.

NOTE FOR MULTIPLAYER GAMES: If this patch is installed, you will not be able to play multiplayer games unless the other players are also using this version. We highly advise checking back every few days for the official patch release.

Below is a list of the fixes / modifications made in this patch:

  • - Fixed a minor problem with Therik's dialog.
  • - Fixed some display problems during the final conflict and end game.
  • - Fixed a potential crash when killing Frost Giants.
  • - Potential fix for a rare problem with small, unpassable areas left when monsters are killed.
  • - Potential fix for unsync'd doors during multiplayer games.
  • - Greatly improved framerate of static steam animations.
  • - Fixed other small miscellaneous bugs.
  • - Fixed problem with priest spell Cloak of Fear: In some cases, it would not go away after death.
  • - Fixed problem with wizard spell Identify: Conjurers were not able to memorize or write the spell. ===========================================================================


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