Icewind Dale Patch


The following details the list of fixes made and included in this patch.



  • - Fixed a potential problem with hit points becoming negative with characters having very high Constitution scores.
  • - Fixed a potential crash on dial-up and serial games when viewing some transitional movies.
  • - Fixed potential saving problem with "Auto-Pause on Trap Detection" feature.
  • - Fixed a message displayed when a PC has a full inventory and an NPC tries to give the PC an item.
  • - Adjustments made to the end game for some people who would not get the ending movies after the final conflict.
  • - Fixed a problem with salamanders not always displaying their aura effects.
  • - Removed dependency on Winsock 2 (should help for Windows 95 users).
  • - Fixed a weapon problem on Fire Elementals.
  • - Fixed a display bug with derived THAC0 when the Prayer spell was active.


  • - Fixed a problem with a potion that gave permanent magic resistance removing it's permanent effect after reloading a game.
  • - The Robe of the Watcher now gives the 10% magic resistance bonus.


  • Using Notepad or another text editor, open the 'icewind.ini' file in your game directory (default: C:\Program Files\Black Isle\Icewind Dale) and locate the line that says "[Game Options]". If you wish to use the feature mentioned below, enter the text found within the quotes (but not the quotes themselves) on to their own line:

"Show Quest XP=1

" This will display the actual amount of experience points you receive when completing quests.

For example:

[Game Options]

Show Quest XP=1 ... etc ...



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